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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Summer Favorites in the "Other" Maine

Since I reside in the Bangor area, summer is a completely different experience for me than it is for Mainers who live in the "other" Maine—the Maine south of Augusta. So when we go there, it's almost like visiting another state.

Museum by the Sea, Oqunguit, Maine - © Gail J. VanWart 2013The town of Ogunquit is a wonderful coastal town known for hosting one of the largest  Patriot's Day celebrations in Maine. Patriot's Day, only celebrated in Massachusetts and Maine, is a big deal in the Ogunquit area where much of our U.S. history was born. Beyond it's historic significance, the town is blessed with culture. It's museum and theatre are both a testimony of that.

© Gail J. VanWart 2013 - Ogunquit Museum© Gail J. VanWart 2013 - Ogunquit Museum

Sally Struthers has been one my all time favorite performers since the TV hit All in the Family. I know, that's dating both myself and Sally, however, age happens, and she happens to get even better with it. My husband and I  try to make a special trip to the "other" Maine just to catch her summer appearances at the Ogunquit Playhouse whenever our schedules permit us to do so. This year, my husband is using my birthday as an excuse to take us to see Thoroughly Modern Millie with Sally Struthers starring as Mrs. Meers. (So be looking for me Sally,  I'll be right up front with my nose almost on the stage with you.) A colorful history drenches the playhouse in the afterglow of the many stars who have graced the John Lane's Ogunquit Playhouse stage over the years. I always leave there feeling the actors have given it more than a hundred percent. It's truly "Broadway at the Beach" and the love of performance art is vibrant there.


Of course, since we'll be in the area, we'll have to eat at Joshua's, my favorite restaurant, just a little north of the playhouse at 1637 Post Road in Wells. Joshua's priority is freshness first; organic, natural, and local. Many of the vegetables served are grown at the Mather's own farm. Meals are slowly prepared and thoroughly enjoyed. Reservations are highly recommended, and keep in mind Joshua's is not an atmosphere younger children will enjoy. Adults, on the other hand, will relish the relaxing environment as part of Joshua's fine dining experience. 

We also enjoy little side trips to the the Kennebunks, York Beach and Nubble Light—plus, we have to do a little snooping in the Scarborough area. Through my maternal grandmother's side of the family, I'm related to many of the Scots and Englishmen who settled the area. I can find remnants of my 5th through 9th great grandparent's by the names of Alger, Okeman, Milliken, Wilmot, Allison, Banks, and Norman in structures and landmarks still present, such as the Lary House (ca 1700s) which was once known as Milliken's Tavern and originally owned by a grandpa Captain Mulbury Milliken. Captain Benjamin Milliken took over the tavern from his father, running it for a time before moving on to the other towns he settled in Maine. His life's journey ended in St. Andrews, N.B., Canada. It is pretty fantastic to ride on roads and visit points of land named after these ancestors, who were living livestyles I can only imagine. My love of touching my history takes me there again and again. But, if the history wasn't there, I'm sure the ocean breezes that kiss the shores of the "other" Maine would probably encourage me to visit nonetheless. 

Milliken's Tavern (Ca 1700) © Copyright Gail J. VanWart 2013
This building was once Milliken's Tavern, Post Road, Scarborough, Maine
Circa 1700s

Blae wants dog owners to know he has a special place where he likes to stay in Kennebunkport, The Colony. It's a classic portrait of a historic Maine summer resort, inside and out, and pet friendly, too. The Colony even provides access to a pet friendly beach and well mannered pets can join their owners at mealtime, if they dine on the outside patio. Just down a short ways from The Colony on Ocean Drive you'll find the summer residence of President George and Barbara Bush and a fantastic Maine coast view.

Can't wait for my birthday! 

Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine © Copyright Gail J. VanWart 2013
Nubble Light, York, Maine © Copyright Gail J. VanWart 2013

Blae at The Colony, Kennbunkport, Maine ©Copyright Gail J. VanWart 2013

Blae & Dan at The Colony, Kennbunkport, Maine ©Copyright Gail J. VanWart 2013

Blae & Dan at The Colony, Kennbunkport, Maine ©Copyright Gail J. VanWart 2013

© Copyright Gail J. VanWart 2013 All Rights Reserved